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13 August 2017

MTB Bicycle Marathon in Vilnius

Kärcher participated and provided wash stations to riders at the MTB Bicycle Marathons in Vilnius. For more than 10 years the MTB Bicycle Marathon is one of the biggest mass sporting events among bike amateurs and sportsmen in Lithuania. Around 1000-1500 riders from around Lithuania and baltics participate in the marathon and this number keeps increasing year by year, this year saw a 10% rise in participants than in 2016.

By participating in the marathon, Kärcher not only catered to its customers and reached out to its propspective customers but also performed its duty as a responsible company by spreading awareness about professional cleaning, personal hygiene and the importance of keeping the bikes clean. The event also saw children making use of the machines to clean their tiny little bicycles, this proves that Kärcher participation not only impressed the adults but also the kids at the event. Check out some cool pictures from the event below!

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