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12 May 2017

Kärcher Visits Orphanage in Poland

Kärcher Poland visited an orphanage to display their equipment and to teach the children importance of cleaning and hygiene. They held a short presentation regarding their company and importance of keeping the surroundings clean.

Kärcher organized four stations to show their machines and cleaning processes. The children had 20 minutes for each station. At the first station the kids cleaned the carpets by using the Puzzi machines, at the second station they cleaned the windows with the WVs while at the third station the children cleaned the kitchen with the steam cleaners and washed the car by using a high pressure washer at the fourth station.


Furthermore Kärcher organized games and competitions for the 20 children between seven and 18 years old: they had to cope a slalom between Window Vacs with screen cleanup, do a jigsaw and fish with an extension cord for the WV.

The colleagues from Kärcher stopped the time and the fastest group won the competition.

This showed apparent smiles and fun on the kid's faces. How cool is that?

Check out some pictures below...

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