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20 July 2017

Kärcher embellish Backnag with reverse graffiti

"Rems-Murr-Spektakel" will take place in Backnag this year which is celebrating its 950th anniversary .The city asked Kärcher for their support  in the marketing of this event and Kärcher happily obliged.


Kärcher helped the city with reverse graffiti and provided a high pressure cleaner HDS 13/20 De Tr 1 for this marketing activity. On July, 20th an expert from Kärcher and three employees of the city of Backnang embellished the town at ten different public clearly visible places with reverse graffiti.


With this action Kärcher also aroused interest of pupils in a career in cleaning sector. A class of the commercial school Backnang visited one cleaning station, a kindergarten group another one. The kids were delighted what great things you could create with a cleaning machine.Kärcher created reverse graffiti more often, for example at dams in Germany, Japan and Korea. For a reverse graffiti dirt is removed partly and a transiently picture is formed.

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