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Hygiene Forum 2017

10.10.2017, 09:15 - 16:00
Ede, Netherlands

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Exhibitions, Workshop/public talk, Media events (press conference; filming; ...)
NVZ - Clean, Hygienic, Sustainable
De Reehorst, Bennekomseweg 24, Ede


Hygiene is an important factor in living a long, healthy life. While everyone is trying to contribute to hygiene in their own way, it's still often not enough. On a yearly basis more than 700.000 people in The Netherlands are infected with the norovirus, salmonella or campylobacter (source: RIVM). The healthcare industry also regularly has to deal with an outbreak of infection diseases. Next to the huge impact on well-being, these infections lead to significant social expenses. And this while a large part of these infections may well be prevented with good hygiene. Due to various factors (budget-cuts, time-pressure and the wrong idea that we are 'too clean') attention to good daily hygiene has become less and less a matter of habit. Declining hygiene is leading to unnecessary health problems, reducing well-being and increasing social expenses. Meanwhile, compared to other countries The Netherlands continues to perform well in the field of hygiene, partly due to Dutch expertise on this topic. For this reason, the food industry often chooses The Netherlands for its production sites. Moreover, Dutch hygiene experts are often consulted by foreign countries as well. Hygiene Forum 2017 Goal of the hygiene forum is to bring together specialists and stakeholders from various disciplines and with diverse viewpoints. To learn from each other and together put the importance of good hygiene back on the map. The convention consists of a morning-session (in English) with renowned (international) speakers, both academic and from industry. In the afternoon multiple parallel-sessions (some in English, some in Dutch) will focus on the various sectors where good hygiene is crucial: healthcare, the food industry and the agricultural sector, regular professional cleaning and hygiene at home. Confirmed speakers during the Hygiene Forum 2017: Prof. Dr. Sally Bloomfield, Prof. Dr. Dirk Bockmühl, Dr. John Hines, Prof. Dr. Jan Kluytmans, Prof. Dr. Andrew McBain, Dr. Bernhard Meyer
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