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Event reports
01 June 2015

The second part of Kiev Zoo Cleaning by Kärcher Ukraine

On the 25th of May the second part of Kiev zoo cleaning was performed. Due to specific zoo schedule Kärcher team could work just on Mondays and Tuesdays. This time all cleaning was done in one day. There were two objects. One of them was very interesting as it was primates pavilion, the warm place were monkeys live while the temperature outside is just less than 15 degrees Celsius. The area consisted of a granite and marble floor. The new scrubber drier BD 50/50 С BP Classic, compact scrubber drier BR 40/10 and BD 17/5, single disk scrubber drier BDS 43/150, and vacuum cleaner NT 611 were used. The result was very impressive. If the animals could speak they would say «Thank You» to Kärcher Ukraine! :)

The second object was the granite fountain at the entrance of the zoo. It was a very good task for Kärcher high pressure cleaners. HD 9/50 and HD10/25 made it perfectly clean very fast.

In the end of the project the managing director of Kärcher Ukraine has awarded the new high pressure cleaner HD 200 to the zoo staff. It was a very emotional and a pleasant part of the project. Zoo director expressed his gratitude for the contribution to one of the eldest zoos in Ukraine. This zoo is 107 years old and after cleaning it looked almost like new.