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01 June 2015

Kärcher Ukraine took part in the European Cleaning Days on 18th and 19th of May

It was one of the most interesting cleaning projects that Kärcher has conducted in the Ukraine. Cleaning was divided into two zones and two periods. The 1st zone was a marble floor in a terrarium called “The animal’s island”. It is a 400 square meters area made of marble. There has been no deep cleaning there since 1979. Can you imagine how this floor looked? Animals, their food, all decorations of wild natural elements were reflected on it.

Kärcher has made it as clean as it was originally. 5 people, 2 days and 5 machines made it real. The following machines were used: a ride on scrubber drier B 90 + R75, a compact scrubber drier BR 40/10 and BD 17/5, a single disk scrubber drier BDS 43/150, and the vacuum cleaner NT 611.

Kärcher equipment showed excellent results. It was like magic, step by step the floor became whiter. All of the zoo staff were very impressed and thankful. And the animals too :)

It was the first time that professional deep cleaning has been carried out at Kiev zoo, and Kärcher Ukraine is the first company to do that. And that is not all. On the 25th and 26th of May the second part of this cleaning project is set to be carried out. The second location is a nice fountain made of granite. It will be a task for high pressure cleaners.

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