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19 June 2015

Kärcher Ukraine and Kärcher Czech Republic clean zoological gardens

As part of the European Cleaning Days and Give and Gain Day 2015, our colleagues from the Czech Republic and the Ukraine cleaned several areas of the zoos in Prague and Kiev.

No fewer than 35 employees from Kärcher Czech Republic helped to clean the zoological garden in Prague. They cleaned paths throughout the site and raked and weeded the outdoor enclosures. The notice boards with details about the animals were also made sparkling clean again. While cleaning the plate glass windows in the big cats enclosure, the Kärcher team came up close with panthers and leopards, who were watching them only a short distance away on the other side of the safety glass.

A camera team on the spot during the clean-up at Prague Zoo captured some brilliant pictures.

Our colleagues from the Ukraine assisted at the Kiev Zoo on two occasions. Their first mission, in mid-May, was to clean the 400-square-metre, light marble floor of the Amphibian House, the first time it had been cleaned thoroughly since 1979. To do so, the five-strong Kärcher team used various floor-cleaning machines and scrubber-driers. Then, at the end of May, they used pressure washers to restore the shine on a large granite fountain at the zoo. Each of these cleaning projects in Kiev took two days.

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