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18 June 2015

Kärcher Sweden helps prevent stomach bugs at Kindergarten Guldkremlan

Recurring stomach bugs are a huge problem for the majority of kindergartens in Sweden.
Apart from being responsible for the children’s well-being, the staff of the Kindergarten are also required to take care of the children's surrounding environment, making sure it is clean and hygienic.
Lack of time on their hands as well as limited resources in the form of cleaning equipment, mean that if a stomach bug enters the confined space– it often circulates in the kindergarten for weeks and sometimes months.

The kindergarten Guldkremlan located in Mölndal, a small municipality located just south of Gothenburg, has been plagued with reccurring stomach bugs amongst children and staff for several years. “Once it enters we never seem to be able to get rid of it. It circulates among the children, staff and parents for months!” says one of the frustrated parents.

The staff at Guldkremlan approached Kärcher as a specialist in hygiene and cleaning to find out if there was anything they could do to prevent future outbreaks and if they could do anything to minimize the harm if an outbreak should occur.

In order to help Guldkremlan, Kärcher Sweden offered essential hygiene training. The training covers topics like: how to use steam to decontaminate door handles, toilets, kitchen and floors. Kärcher Sweden also provided the Kindergarten with the proper cleaning equipment so that they could perform cleaning procedures easily and effectively. Kindergarten Guldkremlan was also given the Puzzi 8/1 so that they could keep textiles in furniture and carpets clean.

Jonas Palmgren MD Kärcher Sweden handing over the cleaning equipment.

Staff and children of the kindergarten were very grateful to receive training and equipment that might help them avoid stomach bugs in the future. As a thank you, the children of Guldkremlan presented Kärcher Sweden with their drawings.

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