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10 November 2015

Kärcher Netherlands sponsors music festival „Zwarte Cross"

Kärcher WC oasis creates true toilet experience at Zwarte Cross


During the Zwarte Cross, the biggest paid music festival in the Netherlands and the largest motor cross event in the world, Kärcher was prominently present in a very unique way. With the slogan 'festivalgoers, too, want a clean toilet', one of the five flush toilet clusters with over 85 flush toilets was completely transformed by Kärcher and turned into a true WC oasis. The idea behind this collaboration with the Zwarte Cross organizers was to introduce the 197,450 festivalgoers in a fun way to Kärcher's countless cleaning solutions and to immediately confront them with the end result: a clean and fresh toilet.

This initiative was met with great enthusiasm from the festivalgoers. The camp site guests even lined up every morning when the festival site opened to make use of the Kärcher WC oasis! A normal toilet visit was transformed into a unique experience with squeaky clean flush toilets, helpful attendants, fragrant air fresheners in every toilet, relaxing sounds, gigantic mirrored walls, highly absorbent mats, various fragrant hand soaps as well as disinfection columns for a hygienic end to the toilet visit. To enhance this experience even further, a lot of detail was given to the decoration, including colourful planters, decoration of the toilet units with stickers and of course the special Event clothing for personnel working at the WC oasis.

The cleaning of the Kärcher WC oasis was conducted by a cleaning company using specially selected Kärcher products. The Limited Edition Zwarte Cross cleaning trolley proved to be indispensable. This trolley with all necessary accessories, including the Kärcher Manual Cleaning tools and cleaning agents, was continuously used every day from 10 am until 2 am. To keep the floors accessible during and after heavy rainfall, wet and dry vacuum cleaners were used. In combination with compact floor scrubbers, this took care of all the rainwater. To keep the large 9 m² make-up mirror wall clean around the clock, the Kärcher Window Vac was used for a streak-free result!

Kärcher was also responsible for setting up two wash sites on the Zwarte Cross' festival site. In the paddock a wash site was installed for cleaning the motor bikes taking part in the motor cross competitions. And there is more. Two weeks before the start of the event a wash site was set up back-stage so that the complete fleet - golf carts, quads and Manitou tractors - could be cleaned daily. Important note: all polluted water was collected and drained in an environmentally friendly manner.

Kärcher's performance during the Zwarte Cross has shown that it is possible to have clean, comfortable toilets during festivals and other outdoor events, which provide real added value to the festivalgoers.




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