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16 October 2015

Donation to a day care center

Kärcher donated a sweeper (KM 70/20C) to a day care center in Silberburg in October 2015. This center is a social institution, which is attended by up to 130 children daily aged 0-6 years. Outdoor activities for children take place in a large garden which acts as a perfect playground for active games thanks to different floor coverings, such as sand, stones, grass, paved paths and roads. For the staff of the day care center, however, maintenance of the garden is a major challenge.  Removing sand from the cobbled sidewalks and driveways costs a lot of time which could be better spent playing with the kids.

Children from the day care center and the staff thanked Kärcher for the present in a short letter:

“Dear Kärcher Team, on behalf of the day care center and on behalf of the children, I would like to say thank you for the generous sweeper donation. The sweeper has already been used frequently and has been a great help, removing a lot of workload from the team. Even though the children cannot operate the sweeper themselves, it has aroused great interest and excitement and inspired lots of questions about how and where it can be used. Technical devices such as this are always the center of attention and create great interest.  Below is the photo of the children together with the sweeper and a painting as an expression of sincere gratitude for your support. “
-Elke Wiener (Manager of the day care center)

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