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We welcome the participation of organisations in the professional cleaning industry, institutions of hygiene, and all interested parties that are able to contribute to carrying out the mission of the European Cleaning Days.

The ECD platform has been created to unite existing activities of the professional cleaning industry as well as organise new ones. Every participating organisation can therefore suggest and submit an event that it would like to conduct under the ECD brand. It may vary from a talk/workshop to cleaning of public streets and squares. As a possible guideline, we suggest a list of different event formats, which can be found here.

To submit an event, the registration step has to first be completed. Please follow the instructions described in the event submission section.

Every organisation is free to advertise and promote its events through its website or press communications. It is recommended that the events that will be conducted under the umbrella of the ECD follow the guidelines for the press releases/website promotion PR Guidelines.

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