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Our Mission
Cleaning is the topmost criteria to maintain one’s wellbeing and a hygienic environment. Poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions often lead to deadly diseases. Even though cleanliness plays such important role in life, it is often neglected due to lack of knowledge and access to information. In some parts of the world there is a huge social stigma associated with cleaning due to which people are not very comfortable in choosing cleaning as their career.

With this effect and in its endeavor to promote professional cleaning, raise awareness of a clean environment, public health and inspire people to take up cleaning as a career; EUnited Cleaning – European Cleaning Machines Association supported by A.I.S.E (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and maintenance products) and EFCI (European Federation of Cleaning Industries) initiated a campaign called European Cleaning Days (ECD) in 2015. ECD works on the concept of collaborative contribution from machine manufacturers, cleaning contractors, municipalities, health and safety organizations and citizen groups. ECD in 2015 saw 35 events happening under its umbrella with participation from leading machines manufacturers like Kärcher, Hako, Columbus, Tenant to name a few. Events ranged from public cleaning activities, cleaning projects in schools, demonstration of machines in public, road shows and open days in various parts of Europe. The events are promoted through a dedicated website (www.cleaningdays.eu) with extensive coverage in media both online and print.

EUnited Cleaning intends to reintroduce the European Cleaning Days campaign in May 2017 with support from various national organizations and aims to reinstall the essence of cleaning in Europe. During the European Cleaning Days 2017 an extensive range of awareness-raising campaigns and initiatives across Europe will be proposed; those will involve people of various age groups and professions. These events aim at engaging the general public to learn more about the necessity to preserve cleanliness in a wide variety of applications.

Our campaign in particular focuses on the following areas of the professional cleaning industry:
  • Detergents for cleaning and disinfection
  • Floor and high pressure cleaning: Buildings, business premises, and production site
  • Municipal equipment: Mobile machines used in municipalities and other public areas
  • Cleaning contractors
 Professional Cleaning: The Key Industry for Health and Well-Being!

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